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The TinyFPGA B2 board is a 7680-LUT FPGA board in a tiny form-factor. Build an entire project around it!

The heart of the TinyFPGA B-series boards is an ICE40LP8K FPGA from Lattice. For full details on the ICE40 series of FPGAs you can read the ICE40 Family Handbook.

FPGA Feature Summary

  • ICE40LP8K FPGA Chip
  • 7,680 4-input look-up-tables
  • 128 KBit block RAM
  • Phase Locked Loop
  • 23 user IO pins
  • Small form-factor that is breadboard friendly; plenty of space on either side for connecting jumpers or components. There is no smaller FPGA board available with this many logic resources!
  • Built-in USB interface for programming new FPGA bitstreams and user data to flash. Only a micro USB cable is needed, no external programmer required!
  • 4MBit of SPI Flash. Bootloader bitstream takes up about 1MBit, user design bitstream will take another 1MBit, the rest is free to use for other purposes.
  • 3.3v and 1.2v Regulators. 3.3v LDO regulator can supply up to 300ma of current. This leaves some headroom for user peripherals. 1.2v LDO regulator can supply up to 150ma of current. More headroom for user peripherals.
  • Ultra Low-Power 16MHz MEMs Oscillator. 1.3ma power when active. 50ppm stability.

See the TinyFPGA B-Series User Guide for all the information you need to get your FPGA project up and running. If you are new to FPGAs and want to learn more, follow The Hobbyist's Guide to FPGAs on Hackaday.io.